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About me, and more importantly, how I can help

Hi! I’m Rozanna Wyatt

I am a Leading Executive Leadership & Performance Coach with a mission dedicated to strengthening people and organizations by unlocking what’s been stopping them from performing at their best. I am the Founder of Wyatt Leadership IQ, an entrepreneur, and a proven high-performer with a track record of reaching one’s true potential and higher levels of success.

With over a decade of dynamic and diverse experience, and thousands of hours working with individuals from a variety of backgrounds (the most marginalized and troubled individuals to professionals, c-suite leaders, high powered entrepreneurs, and athletes), I have developed a proven expertise in understanding and drawing out what is holding people and organizations from achieving improved performance and higher levels of success. I want to help YOU achieve the results, improved performance, next career milestone, or success you are looking for.

I do this work because I love working with people and seeing the results and success you can achieve!  There is really nothing more rewarding than celebrating your “wins” because your wins also mean I have won.  I truly believe those that want to achieve more can do so and at an accelerated rate when supported by someone that has the expertise to help them shrink the performance gap.  Results, improved performance, achievement of next career milestone, and success are possible for YOU!  

I work exclusively with CEOS, Executives, Top Performers, and Influencers who are looking to take their performance to the next level. Individuals that are motivated to achieve more and to advance their career, and who want expert support to uncover what’s been holding them back from getting the results and success they’ve been looking for, or who simply want to take their leadership and performance to the next level.

Through the power of high performance based assessments and executive leadership & performance coaching, my unwavering passion and deep commitment to provide those I work with the abilities to rise above the performance and leadership challenges you experience, I guarantee you, I will equip YOU with the insights and customized strategies to help you perform at your best!  Your performance matters to you and it matters to me!

It all starts with unlocking what’s been stopping you from performing at your best!

This brings me to how I can help you…

If you’re a high performing professional, high performance entrepreneur, or leader, looking to take your performance to the next level, wanting to advance your career, get results, and success, then be confident in knowing that I CAN help YOU achieve more and shrink your current performance gap.

I have the proven expertise and abilities, and the hundreds of individuals I’ve worked with can testify to that!

This is your chance to understand what’s been holding you back from performing at your best and from achieving more.  

You know that you’re capable of more than your current performance, results, and leadership, and that more is out there for you.  

I know too that it has nothing to do with your desire or potential.  It has everything to do with having the right resources and expertise to unlock what’s been stopping you from performing at your best, getting the results you want, and having the type of success you know you’re capable of.

That’s where I come in.  

I Understand the irrefutable truths about high performance…

  • I will coach you to develop your ability to perform at your best by developing your focus, understand how to best use your talents and work on your shortcomings so you can shrink your performance gap.
  • I will unlock what’s been stopping you from getting the results you want and having the type of success you know is possible.
  • I will help you to learn new skills and behaviours that will allow you to execute more effectively and move one step closer to your goal and desired results.
  • I will help you transform your self-belief so you can become the high performer and leader you aspire to be.
  • I will be your confident, your accountability partner, motivator, and your leader to reaching higher levels of performance and success.


We respect your email privacy



The hundreds of clients I’ve worked with can testify to that truth…

Is this You?

You’re a high performing professional, high performing entrepreneur, or executive who…

  • Is ready and committed to taking the action steps needed to get at the top of your game.
  • Knows you don’t want a good career, you want a great one.
  • Is driven to be and do more.
  • Feels like you’re standing in your own way but this elusive block is keeping you from performing at your best.
  • Knows that you can’t achieve results and high performance on your own.
  • Is ready to invest in themselves so you can create the type of results and success you are looking for.
  • Is ready and open to receive expert coaching to help shrink your current performance gap and elevate your career beyond what you believe.
  • Enjoys having fun and working hard to achieve great results.
  • And want to work with an expert with an unwavering passion for developing human potential, leadership, and high performance, that has a proven track record of their own success AND knows how to lead people to where you need to be so you can have that same success too..

Then I am thrilled to say that together we can unlock what’s been holding your back from reaching your true potential, getting the results, and higher levels of success you desire!

Let’s get started on your growth, performance, and success.