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Expert Coach, Rozanna Wyatt is Different

Hi! I’m Rozanna Wyatt

I am a high sought after Executive and Life Coach for top leaders and ambitious entrepreneurs like you who want to make an extraordinary impact in their life.

To date, I have spent thousands of hours coaching individuals just like you to grow and evolve into their full potential, and to claim the type of success they desire (whatever that is for you).  I am the Founder of Wyatt Leadership IQ and the Founder of Wyatt Way Counselling & Life Coaching, an entrepreneur, and a proven high-performer with a track record of reaching one’s true potential and higher levels of success.

Not only do I have professional training in coaching, specialized training in leadership and performance, but I am a therapist by trade with a Masters level education. This means I’ve studied human behaviour in all it’s forms. Add in I have over thirteen years of dynamic and diverse experience, and thousands of hours working with individuals from a variety of backgrounds (the most troubled to ambitious professionals, top level leaders, high powered entrepreneurs, and athletes), I have developed a proven expertise in understanding human potential and an unwavering ability to deliver results that have my clients achieving their desired results at an accelerated rate.

Now, my formal education, certifications, and years of experience mean nothing if they don’t help you. However, I believe my unique blend of experiences as an expert coach and therapist, helps me work with individuals more effectively by using a variety of evidenced based practices.

So, simply put…

I am able to go deeper with my clients so they can gain massive insights and overcome obstacles, improve their confidence, improve their mindset to perform under pressure, to achieve their next milestone, get results, experience less stress, and become a better leader so they can make an extraordinary impact in their life.

Add in I LOVE what I do and I deeply understand what it takes on an inner level to create the outer level changes you seek…

I believe I can help you shrink the gap between where you’re at and where you want to be as a top leader and ambitious entrepreneur, and with your organization/business.

I work exclusively Top Leaders and Ambitious Entrepreneurs who are looking to take their performance and success to the next level. Individuals that are motivated to be and do more, and who want expert level coaching to help them accelerate their results in their life both professionally and personally.  

Through the power of my expert one-to one coaching, high-level think tanks, quantum leap coaching retreats, and my uncanny ability to inspire action, remove obstacles, and create lasting change within those I work with, I set my clients up to be performing at their best and experiencing the success and impact they desire in their life. 

The next level of impact and success you desire starts with inner transformation so you can experience the outer transformation you desire!

This brings me to how I can help you…

If you’re a top leader or an ambitious entrepreneur looking to take your performance and success to the next level, then be confident in knowing that I CAN help YOU achieve more and get you to where you really want to be.

You know you’re capable of more.  

I know this, including it has nothing to do with your desire or potential.  It has everything to do with having the right resources and expertise to help shift you to where you really want to be.

And the truth is, this all starts with the quality of your thinking and awareness.

You see, it takes one type of confidence and mindset to get you to where you already are.

The next stage will take a whole new confidence and mindset so you can have the results, impact, and success you desire.

Why do it on your own if you can achieve these things at an accelerated rate with an expert level coach?

That’s where I come in.  

I have the proven expertise and abilities to help you:

  • Develop the mindset to perform under pressure
  • Think with clarity allowing you to take massive action
  • Increase your confidence so you can lead with influence
  • Identify motivators and limiting beliefs
  • Lead yourself and business to new heights
  • Improve your relationships
  • Increase your self and social awareness
  • Gain customized solutions to your biggest performance, people, and business challenges


We respect your email privacy



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