what’s leadership intelligence and why do we need it?

Developed by Wyatt Leadership IQ, Leadership Intelligence is a systematic and targeted approach, and the foundation of our work with clients so you can achieve sustainable change and measurable results, leading to higher levels of performance and success.
Leadership Intelligence starts with intentionality and integrity. It is where theory, skill, self, and social awareness intersect in order to create opportunities for change and growth within yourself, those you are leading, and within your business or organization.
Leadership is influence. Everyone has influence. By developing your leadership intelligence we are able to transform the way you lead from the inside out. Developing leadership intelligence allows you to reach goals faster, it improves productivity, grows your team and company, engages employees and stakeholders, and contributes to you executing, performing, and leading more effectively.

rozanna wyatt,

A leading executive leadership coach serving executives and C-Suite leaders in Edmonton, Eastern Canada, and the Mid-Western States.

Rozanna Wyatt, founder of Wyatt Leadership IQ, is an executive leadership coach, trainer, and speaker, certified by the John Maxwell Company, led by John C. Maxwell. John Maxwell is the world’s No.1 leadership expert in the world, and she has trained under and been mentored by him and his team of internationally acclaimed coaches.

why executive coaching and why now?

In today’s fast paced business culture and life, we understand that there are competing priorities, strong market competition, and increased challenges with employee attraction, engagement and retention.

We understand that you want to lead and influence others, and differentiate and enhance your contribution to your company or organization. If you are like many ambitious executives and C-Suite leaders, you are looking to take yourself and your company or organization to the next level. You want better results but you’re challenged with achieving them.

Our Executive Leadership Coaching focuses on what drives performance and results so we can help you transform the way you lead yourself and others, so you get the sustainable change and new levels of success you are looking for.

it’s time?

Achieve measurable change in your performance and leadership capacity.

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