About me, and more importantly, how I can help

Hi! I’m Rozanna Wyatt

I am Canada’s Leading Executive Leadership & Performance Coach with a mission dedicated to strengthening people and organizations by unlocking what’s been stopping them from performing at their best. I am the Founder of Wyatt Leadership IQ, an entrepreneur, and a proven high-performer with a track record of reaching one’s true potential and higher levels of success.

With over a decade of dynamic and diverse experience, and thousands of hours working with individuals from a variety of backgrounds (the most marginalized and troubled individuals to professionals, c-suite leaders, high powered entrepreneurs, and athletes), I have developed a proven expertise in understanding and drawing out what is holding people and organizations from achieving improved performance and higher levels of success. I want to help YOU achieve the results, improved performance, next career milestone, or success you are looking for.

I do this work because I love working with people and seeing the results and success you can achieve! There is really nothing more rewarding than celebrating your “wins” because your wins also mean I have won. I truly believe those that want to achieve more can do so and at an accelerated rate when supported by someone that has the expertise to help them shrink the performance gap. Results, improved performance, achievement of next career milestone, and success are possible for YOU!

I work exclusively with CEOs, Executives, Top Performers, and Influencers who are looking to take their performance to the next level. Individuals that are motivated to achieve more and to advance their career, and who want expert support to uncover what’s been holding them back from getting the results and success they’ve been looking for, or who simply want to take their leadership and performance to the next level.

Through the power of high performance based assessments and executive leadership & performance coaching, my unwavering passion and deep commitment to provide those I work with the ability to rise above the performance and leadership challenges you experience, I guarantee you, I will equip YOU with the insights and customized strategies to help you perform at your best! Your performance matters to you and it matters to me!

A common question I am often asked is

“How did you get involved in executive leadership & performance coaching?”

Let me share a bit of my story that highlights proven success and high performance secrets.
A born and raised Canadian, I grew up in a mid sized urban city in Ontario in a low income single-parent home that was plagued with many challenges.

Challenges that for many, would limit their opportunities to be and do more.

Let me help paint a picture. “Cheapside Street”.

What came to your mind when you read that?

Sadly, your thoughts were likely right. This was the street I grew up on until I was about sixteen years old.

This could have been my reality but for as long as I can remember, I had a fire inside of me to be and do more. I believed that more was possible despite the odds being stacked against me. I was not interested in settling for average or walking the common path that so many do.

At the time, the only reasonable way out of the life I didn’t want, was to educate myself. Thankfully this was one of the many lessons my mother taught me as she often echoed “don’t make the same mistakes I did. Get educated”.

With a dream to achieve more, I ventured away to university where I hustled between classes, studying, and typically working one full time and a part time job. Yes, you read that right, and I was a fulltime student at that!

Needless to say, it wasn’t easy. It meant a lot of sacrifices along the way. But it was worth it because I knew more was possible for those that wanted it and had the grit to make it happen.

Passionate about people and human potential, I successfully completed two undergraduate degrees and a Master’s degree in the behavioral and social sciences, before being recruited to work in the field of forensics.

As a behavioral specialist, this is where I became a master at understanding “what makes people tick”, as I worked on some very high profile cases. Friends would often ask me “how do you do this work”, to which I would respond “it’s easy compared to the workplace issues I am surrounded by”.

Curious about people, organizations, and leadership, I intuitively did not think what I was experiencing in the workplace was actually “leadership”. But I needed to know.  I needed to know if there could be a different way of leading regardless of the environment you’re working in.

On a quest to get answers, I did what any young professional would do 🙂  I started to study leadership and performance. In doing so, I literally fell in LOVE with these topics.  They confirmed everything I believed to be true.

I continued studying leadership and performance at a variety of business schools and professional development opportunities, hired my own coaches, and found mentors who were the best in their field all to prepare me and work alongside me as I entered my own leadership roles.

As I continued to move up the career ladder, the opportunity I had been waiting for and that I had worked so hard for, was offered to me.  It was a massive position and one that would excite many. I thought it would excite me too. But it didn’t.

Initially I did not understand why and chalked it up to being dissatisfied with the salary attached to the position.  But with further soul searching, I realized that there was a disconnect in values. My potential new boss was looking for someone to “manage” people.  They were not interested in leadership nor did it seem like they were aware of what “leadership” meant.

As though that wasn’t bad enough because I knew the impact that “management” of people would have on the employees and fellow leaders in this organization, but I also knew that I would be “boxed in” and limited from continuing to grow in the way I knew I needed and wanted to.  As a natural high performer, I could feel myself suffocating even though I had not accepted the position yet. I could not have this.

More importantly!  It was in this moment that I had one of the biggest “ah ha’s” of my career.

I realized that my purpose in life was not to be a senior leader in a large organization or company. Rather, my purpose in life was to take my passion of developing human potential and merge that with my new passion of leadership and performance, and work alongside leaders and high performing individuals that are looking to take their performance and leadership to the next level, so they can achieve the type of results and success they are looking for.

So my passion led to my growth but then my growth led to my passion.  Combine that with an unusual combination of expertise, skills, and deep understanding of what drives leadership and performance,  I made it my mission to work alongside high performing professionals and leaders who are motivated and committed to unlocking what’s been stopping them from achieving their true potential and reaching the higher levels of success that they desire.  

That is when I developed Wyatt Leadership IQ.

As my executive leadership & performance coaching practice grew, I knew that a journey of a high performance never ends. High performers are always challenging themselves to ensure they are equipped with the tools to so they are performing at their best.

This meant enlisting and paying a pretty price tag to receive ongoing coaching and mentoring from some of the most successful leaders and mentors in the world. It meant completing two executive coaching certifications, one which allowed me to be trained and mentored by John C. Maxwell, the world’s No.1 leadership expert. I have also been privileged to have the Right Honourable Kim Campbell, Former Prime Minister of Canada as a mentor, and the world’s leading business coach, Christian Simpson as a mentor. It also meant studying underneath Dr. Robin Phratt, an expert on high performance, and being certified on the world’s leading performance enhancement tool.

The path to success is often made up of lots of twists and turns. But it is these twists and turns that help you to develop you and to determine your true calling in life.

I wholeheartedly believe that I was meant to grow up in a low-income family and to experience the challenges I did. It lit the fire inside of me to define the reality I wanted in my life versus the reality being dictated to me. Studying human behaviour and obtaining three university degrees before working in the hardest field of practice, forensics, was no coincidence. Not only did it allow me to really understand “what makes people tick”, it exposed me to some of the most toxic workplace environments one can imagine.

If it were not for all of these experiences, I may have never started to study leadership and performance. Because of all of this! I have been able to fuse my background as a behavioural specialist with my executive leadership & performance coaching expertise which has afforded me the privilege to work alongside my clients of high performing professionals, athletes, leaders, and YOU to get the results, performance, and success you’ve been looking for.

Remember, YOU can define the reality you want versus the reality being dictated to you.

It starts with unlocking what’s been stopping you from performing at your best.

Ready to get results…
Ready to achieve success…

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