rozanna wyatt,

Founder of Wyatt Leadership IQ, is a leading Executive Leadership & Performance Coach serving Edmonton, western Canada, and the mid-western states. She is fascinated by people, leadership, and performance. Rozanna draws on her very unique experience of working within forensics where she became a master at understanding “what makes people tick”. With over a decade of dynamic and diverse experience, and thousand of hours working with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, Rozanna has developed an expertise in understanding and drawing out what is holding people and organizations back from achieving improved performance and higher levels of success.

As an Executive Leadership & Performance Coach, Rozanna works with executives, C-Suite Leaders, and teams to develop cultures of leadership and enhanced performance abilities through coaching and high performance based assessments. 

Rozanna has been certified as an Executive Leadership coach, trainer, and speaker, by the John Maxwell Company, led by John C. Maxwell, the world’s No.1 leadership expert. In addition to having been trained under and been mentored by John C. Maxwell, Rozanna has been privileged to have the Right Honourable Kim Campbell, Former Prime Minister of Canada, as a mentor. Rozanna’s unique ability to help her clients get results is influenced by her second Executive Coaching certification through the Canadian Coaches Federation and a background as a behavioral specialist with two Undergraduate Degrees and a Master’s Degree in the behavioural and social sciences.   

Rozanna’s ability to inspire a deep commitment in those she coaches, and to equip you to rise above the self and the organizational challenges that you experience, is a reflection of her commitment and passion for developing people, cultures of leadership and high performance, all while creating results-oriented offerings that nurture: long-lasting change and improved performance for both individuals and organizations.

In addition to her corporate work, Rozanna also inspires and speaks into the lives of young leaders through motivational speaking engagements focused on youth developing self leadership skills, she teaches at the post-secondary level, and is an active participant in a number of community volunteer initiatives.

Rozanna Wyatt’s expertise helps her clients get results.

Wyatt Leadership IQ Serves:

We work with executives and C-Suite leaders. Clients that are ready for growth and who are interested in developing new skills so they can take action and achieve measurable results, while reaching higher levels of performance and success.