Canada’s Premiere Women’s High Performing Coaching Group

  • Are you a driven high performing professional woman…
  • Do you ask yourself “what’s next”?
  • Do you crave more?
  • Are you driven to move up the organizational ladder but feel held back by the system you are working in?
  • Are you looking for opportunities to grow professionally and to take yourself to the next level?
  • Wouldn’t it be great if you had a place to talk about professional challenges you are experiencing in a supportive environment where others are genuinely interested in your growth & success?


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Dear High Performing Woman,

My name is Rozanna, and those are some of the challenges I used to experience myself.

Just imagine if you had that ability.  What would you learn and experience?

What transformation would you want to experience in yourself and your career, if you could instantly achieve the growth, results, and success you are looking for?  

Unfortunately, overcoming professional challenges isn’t as easy as we’d like them to be especially when we are working inside a system that doesn’t encourage “out of the box thinking”.

Maybe you know that you want to be and do more but you’re hesitant on sharing your goals and aspirations out of fear you’ll be judged or outcasted as thinking you’re better than everyone else.  

You feel misunderstood and unsupported.

When you do take risks, go for your next goal, take a new position, sometimes you find yourself in over your head because you’re out of your comfort zone.  You’re now questioning yourself, including what direction to take next.

While you know you want more, are capable of more, you’re quickly flooded with self doubt, confusion, fear, and sometimes shame, leaving you to feel stuck, and ultimately, not achieving the results, performance, and success you are looking for.  

If you’ve ever felt that frustration in your professional career, then I can relate to you perfectly!  

Just like you, I struggled working within a system that seemed to value mediocrity over achievement.  

A system that lacked opportunities for professionals to grow and become the type of professional they envisioned themselves being.  

Where opportunities to be mentored and coached did not exist.  

Talking about leadership and professional challenges with other like-minded, growth oriented, and success driven colleagues was few and far between.  Until I found the secret.

I discovered the power of personal growth and development, which included investing in significant personal development opportunities, working alongside some very successful mentors, and hiring my own coaches.  

Placing myself in these environments and surrounding myself with individuals who were also driven to be and do more, who actively invested in themselves, and were 100% supportive of my goals and aspirations, ultimately, allowed me to have the growth and support I needed to achieve the success I have today.  

So if you’re a driven, high performing, professional woman then you do not want to miss out on your chance to be part of Canada’s Premiere Women’s High Performing Coaching Group!

This opportunity is so exciting.  You are going to LOVE it!

You have the chance to be part of a highly interactive and personalized coaching group where other high performing, professional women, like yourself, bring forth the specific personal, professional, organizational, leadership, and performance issues facing themselves and your ability to have the type of career, results, performance, and success you are looking for.  

If you want to gain clarity, solutions, increase your confidence, overcome leadership and organizational challenges at an accelerated rate, improve your focus, increase your self-awareness, and transform your career, current results, performance, and success, then you want to be part of Canada’s Premiere Women’s High Performing Coaching Group!

This isn't Just Another Online Group...This is a High-End Mastermind for Serious High Performing Women


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About Canada’s Premiere Women’s High Performing Coaching Group

Taking place on every Tuesday (except when statutory and personal holidays occur) from 4:00pm-6:00pm MDT via the  Zoom Platform, you’ll have the opportunity to access me personally to ask a question and speak into whatever personal, professional, performance, or leadership challenge you are currently experiencing.  

This is where I will coach you to overcome whatever personal or professional challenge is getting in the way of you having the type of career, results, performance, and success you are looking for.  

Through the power of coaching, we will discover solutions, generate ideas, and ultimately, unlock what’s stopping you from reaching your full potential.

By participating in this transformational group you’ll experience improved focus, results, leadership skills, confidence, increased self-awareness, and the ability to have a greater voice ultimately leading to greater visibility and career progression.  

It’s your chance to redefine yourself as a professional and as a leader and to unlock what’s been stopping you from performing at your best and having the type of career you desire.  

Through the power of group coaching you’ll have the chance to listen to the goals, challenges, and aspirations of other high performing professional women.  This is so powerful because you’ll pick up on endless amounts of ideas, solutions, motivation, and best practices.  It also has the profound impact of feeling “Me Too!”, normalizing what you are going through.  

And so, while you might come from a different professional background We ALL experience similar issues that impact our ability to have the career or achieve the goals, results, and success we are striving for.  

What I Can Guarantee You

With over a decade of experience and thousands of hours working with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, I have the passion and skill sets to know how to draw out what is holding you back from achieving the type of career, results, performance, and success you are looking for.  

If you come prepared with your challenges and goals, and are ready to be coached to achieve your results or overcome whatever obstacle is getting in your way, YOU WILL grow, gain powerful insights and skills, achieve your goals, and overcome your challenges in a fraction of the time!

You’ll also gain fresh perspectives on professional, performance, and leadership challenges.  You’ll develop enhanced decision making skills. Your self-awareness will be increased ultimately allowing for greater interpersonal effectiveness.

You’ll also enjoy the support, knowledge, experience, and accountability of other like-minded, growth oriented professional, high performing women who also want to accelerate their growth and celebrate other women’s wins!


We respect your email privacy


Do I Qualify?

Here are some basic requirements to assist you in determining if you should join…

  • You’re naturally a high performer or a seasoned professional with a minimum of 10 years professional experience with a drive for achievement and to advance your career
  • You don’t want a good career, you want a Great One
  • You are a manager or leader and know you need to be more effective but everything you try doesn’t seem to be working
  • You want to increase your confidence, focus, and get more done
  • You want to unlock your potential so you can perform at your best
  • You are solution oriented and focused on the future, not the past
  • You are eager to champion other growth oriented, success focused, women
  • You are open to considering new ways of thinking and doing
  • You are prepared to bring your challenges and questions so you can be coached

Then I am thrilled to say that together we can unlock what’s been holding your back from reaching your true potential, getting the results, and higher levels of success you desire!

Are You Ready to Unlock What’s Been Stopping You From Performing At Your Best?

If you’ve read everything up until this point, I know you are serious about your growth, career, and the type of results and success you want.  

You know that participating in Canada’s Premiere Women’s High Performing Coaching Group can help to accelerate your growth, leadership development, and career trajectory!

Given the value, resources, and coaching expertise you’ll get in Canada’s Premiere Women’s High Performing Coaching Group, a reasonable membership should be at least $997 per month.  And I guarantee you that would be a steal!

And if you were to work with me one on one for the amount of time you’ll spend with me each month on the coaching calls, your investment would be at least $8000.

Because I know YOU are truly hungry to achieve more and to become the best version of yourself, personally and professionally…

And because I believe every woman deserves to feel supported throughout their career and their desire to be and do more…

Given I also know the power of being surrounded by other like-minded, growth oriented, success focused women (whatever success looks like for you) in a supportive atmosphere where goals, challenges, fears, and aspirations can be discussed so you can develop clarity and solutions at an accelerated rate, and become even greater at what you do than you were before…

And I know the transformational process that participating in this group will bring…

The monthly membership is just $189 USD by automated subscription.

WOW!  Just $189 USD to be coached by Canada’s Leading Executive Leadership & Performance Coach!

To put that in perspective, that is just $6.30 USD per day.


We respect your email privacy


Did I Mention…

For as long as you are a member, I guarantee you that your subscription will NEVER increase.

There is a 30 day cancellation policy…absolutely no locked in contracts! No questions asked, no hard feelings.  

If you join Canada’s Premiere Women’s High Performing Coaching Group it will likely change your career!  You will believe more is possible but you WILL also achieve more!

You’ll also receive exclusive access to securing your seat at any Canadian Premiere Women’s High Performing Coaching Retreats before they go on sale to the general public.  

These are powerful retreats focused on inspiring, refreshing, and connecting with other like-minded women who are interested in gaining clarity and diving deeper into what is holding them back from achieving the personal and professional growth they desire.  The retreats are an opportunity to take charge of shaping your personal and professional future!

As a member of Canada’s Premiere Women’s High Performing Coaching Group, you’ll also have access to a private Facebook Group where you can continue to receive support and guidance, and discuss challenges and WINS in between the coaching calls.

Remember, YOU can define the reality versus the reality being dictated to you. YOU Can Transform Your Career and Have the Success YOU Are Looking For!


We respect your email privacy