Quantum LEAP Coaching.

2 days of Exclusive one-to-one coaching with Leading Executive Leadership & Performance Coach, Rozanna Wyatt.

Intensive. Effective. Private

  • Elevate Your Game
  • Grow Leaps & Bounds Personally and Professionally
  • Set Goals & Develop Your Execution Plan
  • Reignite Passion in Your Life
  • Achieve the Success & Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of
  • Receive Exclusive Expert Coaching
  • Relax & Rejuvenate


What if All it Took Were 2 Days to Take a Quantum Leap in Your Performance and Success?…


If you’re reading this, then you know for Top Leaders and the Ambitious, getting ahead means always being at the top of your game.

You know to get to the next level of success you desire, you need to do what most people aren’t willing to do.

You need to constantly develop and evolve yourself to take you from where you are in life, to where you want to be in life personally and professionally.

Even if you’re already successful, it’s your best thinking and skills that got you there.

Thinking and skills from yesterday and yesterday isn’t what you want anymore, is it?

You want more.

You want to get to the next level of success you dream about so you can have complete freedom and fulfilment in all areas of your life.

To achieve this…

You need to work on YOU.

It’s a must!

It’s a must in order to shift your thinking so you can shift into having the success, prosperity, and life you’ve always dreamed of.

But more is required…

To elevate your game you need to “slow down” so you can “speed up”.

Without slowing down and taking the intentional time to up level your thinking, taking a quantum leap into the life and success you desire is challenging, if not near impossible.

And while you might think that you’ve achieved a lot up to this point.

And you likely have.

More is possible for you.

You know it and I know it.

You just don’t know how to elevate your game so you can reach the next level of success, fulfilment, and significance you desire.

Maybe it’s success and fulfilment in your professional life.

It may be success and fulfilment in your personal life.

Regardless of the type of fulfilment and success you seek, you can achieve more and elevate your game so you can live a healthier, wealthier, and more expansive life personally and professionally!  

You know this because you feel as though something is missing.  You simply aren’t at the top of your game like you used to be.

You feel stuck from breaking through to the next level of success you desire.

You want to be doing something different.

You want to feel more passionate.

You want to elevate your game so you can achieve the life and success you’ve always dreamed of (whatever success is for you).

The great news!

You can do so in just 2 Days!

In 2 Days you can take a quantum leap that might typically take months or even years to achieve.

The Quantum Leap Coaching is your chance to spend 2 exclusive days one-to-one with Leading Executive Leadership & Performance Coach, Rozanna Wyatt in a luxurious, mind-expanding, relaxing atmosphere where you can both elevate your thinking, relax, and rejuvenate so you can gain clarity, elevate your game, create goals, and an execution plan so you can shift towards achieving the true fulfilment and success you desire in your life.

Your Stunning Location

Villa Eyrie Resort

Experience luxury in the skies.  Villa Eyrie is a boutique alpine inspired retreat unlike any other in Canada and quite possibly the world.  Villa Eyrie is 30 minutes North of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and is part of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) Group.  With magnificent views from nearly every room, this luxury hotel features world-class dining and full spa facilities.  Hiking is available onsite with other recreational activities within a short drive.

Have a preferred location…Requests can be considered


This Is Your Chance

To be in the right environment conducive to growth, focus, relaxation, while working side-by-side with Rozanna to elevate your game, create lasting change, and the type of fulfilment and success you desire.

Lasting change leading to measurable results.

The Quantum Leap Coaching is ideal for you if you are looking to accelerate your growth in a short period of time.  You want to take every area of your life to new levels so you can experience the type of success and fulfilment you seek.

  • You might even be feeling burnout from the daily “grind”.
  • You feel like you are at a cross-roads in your personal and/or professional life.
  • You are not thriving like you used to and your performance is suffering.
  • Your relationships might be suffering or even be on the verge of a separation/breakdown.
  • You’re looking to reignite passion in your life and to feel on the top of your game.
  • You want to define and claim success on your terms.
  • You are ready to do a deep-dive into yourself, your goals, and are serious about reaching higher levels of fulfilment in you personal and professional life.
  • You are ready to gain MASSIVE clarity and take every area of your life to new levels.
  • You are ready to ELEVATE YOUR GAME so you can shift towards fully reaching the true expansion of the type of personal and professional success you seek.

What to Expect During the Quantum Leap Coaching

Over the two days you’ll spend 5 hours each day interacting with Rozanna in one-to-one coaching. You’ll explore the “real reasons” you’re experiencing roadblocks as of late and not having the type of success you long for.

Each day you’ll have time to engage in self-reflection activities to heighten your awareness of who you are and who you want to become.

Your thinking will be shifted so you can shift into the fulfilment, prosperity, and success you desire.

While being surrounded by a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere, you’ll make major progress on setting goals and developing an execution plan so when you leave the intensive two days, you’ll know exactly the next steps you need to take.

You’ll develop solutions and strategies to overcome the very obstacles that brought you to engage in Quantum Leap Coaching.

If you choose, you’ll also have the chance to take advantage of many of the outdoor and wellness activities offered at the Quantum Leap Coaching location.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to participate in Quantum Leap Coaching, you will grow leaps and bounds!

This is guaranteed to elevate your game and to radically speed up the clarity, results, and success you seek!

PLUS… As a BONUS, you will receive 3 one-to-one coaching calls (30 minutes each) following the Quantum Leap Coaching intensive two days.

Consider the bonus coaching calls a success insurance policy.

The accountability and expert coaching you receive on the calls will ensure you stay focused and committed to your goals, your thinking stays elevated, and it will allow you to have access to an expert coach that can help you overcome any obstacles you might experience following the Quantum Leap Coaching.

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Your Investment:

$30,000  $19,999 USD

*Only 12 spots available in 2020 for Quantum Leap Coaching; ACT FAST to apply & learn more*

When you apply, you receive a FREE consultation to discuss your current roadblocks and how the Exclusive VIP 1:1 Quantum Leap Coaching Retreat can provide solutions for you right NOW.

Your growth and results can not be promised or guaranteed. As a participant your growth and success are solely your responsibility. However, Rozanna does have a proven track record of leading people to ELEVATE their game so they can reach the ultimate freedom and success they seek.