“I started with working with Rozanna after attending a Live2Lead event by the John Maxwell Company she co hosted last October. Why? That experience not only reignited my interest in learning about leadership development, I recognized that I needed to do more than take a course/seminar and/or read leadership books/articles here and there; receive guidance from my employer, circle of friends and associates. I needed to intentionally invest in my growth and development in order to become the leader I wanted to be.

Who better to accompany on this journey than Rozanna! Someone I know understands organizational challenges and everything that entails. Who has a passion for people, leadership, growth, and influencing change as evidenced by her many and varied successes. I reached out to her and have never looked back since!

Rozanna’s approach with me is one of inquiry and curiosity; ah ha moments and insights are the norm. She is supportive and makes leadership development intuitive and simply fun! Our sessions are underscored by the 5 Levels of Leadership Assessment & the DISC Assessment I took in the early stages of our work together. It was quickly apparent that these assessments were an integral part of formulating my leadership development plan; a road map that has me exploring and gaining a deeper understanding of myself as a leader, how I respond to others, and how I engage my team and colleagues. This? Is invaluable! I’m already seeing results and I’m only getting started…

Thank you, thank you Rozanna!”

Denise Ledi, Program Manager, Alberta Health Services

“It has been an incredible experience working with Rozanna. Working with her has been one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made in myself. Perhaps the greatest testament to the impact of our coaching sessions have been the number of people who have commented how much I’ve changed and improved. I would recommend Rozanna to anyone who wants to reach their potential and transform themselves into beyond what they thought capable”.

Darwin Li
IT Applications Services Unit Team Lead, Edmonton Police Service
2014 Top 40 Under 40, Avenue Magazine
Head Coach of ‘Dragon Sight’, Adaptive Division World Champion, 2014 IDBF Club Crews World Championships

“I found that my experience with Wyatt Leadership IQ went beyond what I was expecting. I was in a place where I needed to really invest in my well being before I could offer any type of Leadership to others. Through this experience, I realized that leadership means so much more than what you do professionally but how you conduct yourself in all areas of life. Leadership doesn’t end outside the boardroom walls. Taking a step back (a very necessary one for me) and building a strong foundation from which I could operate from was needed in my life and throughout my sessions as this was becoming apparent, we were able to redirect our focus and respond to what was being revealed that wasn’t previously known.

We did the Disc assessment – a tool that at first I thought would just be another limited test that would pigeon hole me to some extent, but I found that it was incredibly accurate and validated many of my positive traits and abilities that I never really acknowledged. The best thing about it however, was that it offered me real, with Rozanna’s guidance, solutions and an operating basis in which to keep moving forward and stay motivated. I focused on three main strategies from the Disc assessment that have really helped me move forward.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rozanna Wyatt and Wyatt Leadership IQ to anyone. I always came away from the sessions motivated and happy”.

Kara Murray, Self- Employeed

“Just about a month ago, I had the privilege of connecting with Rozanna, of Wyatt Leadership IQ. Even though we were from different parts of the country, we hit it off fairly quickly. During our first conversation, I was impressed with her passion, expertise and experience in leadership. Before I knew what was happening, she was coaching me on tips, ideas and strategies that have accelerated my personal growth and development, along with the business initiatives and projects I am connected to.

Rozanna’s drive and desire to help people and positively impact them and the organizations they lead makes me proud to recommend her services to anyone looking to take their personal growth and the growth and development of their company or organization to a higher level. Her professionalism is second to none. Connecting with Rozanna has been my best business decision yet”.

Eaton Grant, Business Owner, Toronto, Ontario.

“As demonstrated through numerous initiatives and developmental projects, I’ve found Rozanna’s distinct knowledge regarding the concept of leadership to be highly credible. Her consummate professionalism, focus and effortless ability to facilitate, engage, and bring people together is extraordinary. Given such tenets, I personally believe that Rozanna’s leadership ability is without a doubt inspiring, dynamic, and transformative”.

Edmund Ledi, Alberta Health Services.

“As a front line professional working within a large bureaucracy the topic of “Leadership” never seemed relevant to me.  I always thought “Leadership” was something people in business school studied.  However, after several discussions with Rozanna I see that “Leadership” can be seen as a way of being and doing.  A practical tip that I borrowed from her and use in my everyday life is setting of Intention.  I recently began setting Intentions for activities and goals relevant to my personal and work life.  The action of setting my Intentions has changed the way I determine what is important and how I apply myself and my resources”.

Anonymous, Government Employee. 

“I met Rozanna in line at a conference and her personality was infectious!  While talking, she asked me questions about my life, and before I knew it, I was pouring out my heart.  She asked what I thought I could do to refill my tank, and after much thought, I realized what I thought I needed was people’s support.  She then asked me a very poignant question:  Why do you need it from others and not from yourself?  I knew I needed to work on it, but that was an “ah-ha” for me.  She didn’t judge or question, but just asked me great questions to get me to think about what I needed and where I needed to work.  She is an excellent coach- go see her, it will change your life!!”

Jessica Belnap, Consultant, Tennessee.

“From the time I started to work with Rozanna, I felt inspired  by her passion for leadership and her commitment to help me become a better leader.  Rozanna influenced me to look at things more critically and to understand how my leadership was influencing my team.  With her help I was able to see my team differently and come up with strategies for leading others”.

L. Brown, Government Employee.

2017 Live2Lead Event

“An amazing experience to be part of from Edmonton, Alberta. The speakers were amazing to listen to and being in a room full of top-level executives and leaders was also very exciting”!
Pamela, Small Business Owner.

“Today was inspiring. The power of a great leader is truly where success and growth start. What a great experience!”
Tara Rose, Government.

“For me, Live2Lead was very important for the next steps in my life. We are jumping head first into a new business”.
Phillip Neudorf, Government and Small Business Owner.

“Love the passion displayed by the speakers”.
Jeff Miller, Small Business Owner.

“More than just a conference but really a reflection on what we can become”.
Darwin Li, Government.

2017 Global Youth Initiative Keynote Speaking Engagements

“It was a really great experience and I learnt so much. Amazing tips and very encouraging. I learnt that I don’t always have to be perfect and it is okay to make mistakes. But you can still be confident about yourself. I would really recommend it because you can learn so many tips especially for upcoming competition. Also, this program can encourage you to try your best”.
Sarah Mah, Youth-11.

“Very helpful and very powerful. My biggest learning was that I should raise my confidence level to a ten to make my dreams come true. I would definitely attend an event – it really makes you look at your life and self more positively and to raise your confidence”.
Anonymous, Youth-13.

“It felt encouraging! Now I know that I don’t have to be perfect but be determined. I am a leader!!! Failure leads to success and I don’t need to be perfect. The passion inside my sports are powerful, the most powerful. I would participate again because then I tell other that they’re not the only one feeling negative and tell them they’re stronger than that”.
Anonymous Youth-9.

“I learnt a lot from this. I can’t wait to apply it to my skating. I think that it was inspiring and really eye opening to all that is possible. Believing in yourself is important. I would recommend it because it can help you learn from failure in all areas of life, big and small”.
Anonymous, Youth- 13.