Wyatt Leadership IQ utilizes a variety of assessment tools to help increase your self awareness in order to develop a deeper understanding of yourself so you can build capacity in areas of strength and develop solutions for change in areas that are underdeveloped. This is the first step to leading yourself and others more effectively.

Why Take An Assessment With Wyatt Leadership IQ?

Rozanna Wyatt is fully certified on all the assessment tools offered and she is a highly educated and professionally trained behavioral specialist with over a decade of professional expertise. Through diverse experiences, Rozanna has transformed the performance of hundreds of individuals. She has assessed, worked with, and provided court testimonial related to forensic clients, to assessing and coaching high performing professionals, athletes, and leaders.

If measurable change and higher levels of success is what you want, then you want a qualified professional with the proven track record of facilitating growth and change with their clients!

Assessments help to create your roadmap to change.

Leading you to develop and grow, we offer:

The Attentional and Interpersonal Style Inventory (TAIS)

The Attentional and Interpersonal Style Inventory (TAIS) is the world’s best assessment methodology to help individuals understand the conditions that undermine performance and help them operate more successfully under stressful conditions. Developed by Dr. Robert Nideffer, a world-renowned psychologist, the TAIS has been used over the last 35 years with tens of thousands of high performing professionals, business executives, elite athletes, and special forces individuals around the world.

Focused on helping individuals achieve optimal performance and increased leadership capacity, Wyatt Leadership IQ employs this leading edge tool to help clients improve their performance by looking at some of the cornerstones to success – concentration, confidence, interpersonal processes, and composure. Whether you are a high performing professional, manager, executive or an elite athlete, Wyatt Leadership IQ can identify whether you are performing at your optimal level, and what will likely make you fail or succeed in your respective performance arena.

Applications for TAIS include:

● Executive Leadership & Performance Coaching
● Profiling, Recruitment, Promotion Selection, and Screening
● Team Development & Performance
● Organizational Change

DISC Assessments

DISC Assessments are both a personality and behavioral style tool used with clients to allow them to understand what’s driving their behaviors and potentially holding them back from achieving higher levels of success. Simply, DISC Assessments exponentially increase your self- awareness which is the first step in improved high level performance. This is because you are able to understand what is making you “tick”, what causes your stress, motivates you, and what priorities shape your work experience and allow you to thrive. DISC Assessments also help you develop your social awareness by being attuned to others’ behaviors, what motivates them, and how they communicate.

With a DISC Assessment we can help you achieve higher levels of success for yourself and your organization by creating strategies for creating positive relationships, approaches for managing people and systems, and the development of more effective communication strategies ultimately leading to improved performance, team dynamics, and organizational effectiveness.

5 Levels of Leadership Assessment

Through self-assessment, combined with anonymous feedback from direct reports, colleagues, and others, the 5 Levels of Leadership Assessment can accurately identify both areas of strength and opportunities for you to grow as a leader. Combined with Wyatt Leadership IQ’s expertise, this assessment provides targeted leadership development.

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